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T.H.U.G. M.A.F.I.A. – Fate & Consequencez

For those who don’t know, T.H.U.G. M.A.F.I.A. (The hardworking underestimated geniuses making all finances in appropriate ways) is a Southern hip hop duo out of East Point, Georgia consisting of Rockford, Illinois native Benjamin “Death-Trap” Gulley and Atlanta, Georgia native Kevia “K-Steel” Stills. The group formed in Atlanta in late 2001, performing at local clubs and major music venues in and around South West Atlanta. 

In 2011 the duo released their debut album, Eternal Thuggin on their own label, THUG MAFIA RECORDZ, and now, after 10 year break, they are back at it again with their sophomore album, this time being double disc – Fate & Consequencez. The album came out very much well balanced and uniform all the way though and doesn’t really feel like it falls short at any point while listening to the both discs, and after all, you come to undrestand why the duo took so long time to put out this album: they had polished it very nicely to come up with the high quality product for their fans and new supporters. 

Here’s the message Death Trap wrote specially for this post: “Thanks for all your support!Me & K-Steel appreciate all our fans who bump our music World Wide. On this project we decided to put 20 tracks on this album which is way more than we did for Eternal Thuggin. I’m proud to say that I handled most of the production on this project but as a producer I’m still growing & learning in this field. I admit I have a long journey ahead before I can reach the status of my idols: Dr Dre, DJ Battlecat, Fred Wreck, Mike Dean, Easki, & The Mekanix however I wont count myself out. I’m always willing to learn though. I’m here to stay & will eventually create my own sound my with my own identity. As far as the album credits, of course me & K-Steel did our own writing. We brought back a familiar face Marcus Singleton, we worked mostly with him by him being the main producer on Eternal Thuggin. We also worked with Legendary Producer Wadz who remixed our classic “Midnite Creep” which appears on the album. We also brought back Turntablist DJ MR NICE, he made the cutz on Midnite Creep. We was also able to link up with Bay Area Turntablist Kodac Visualz from the group Asthma Funk to add cutz for our controversial single “Officer Enemy “. We made sure this album had more featured guests which includes a track entitled “Weight off ya chest with Legendary West Coast Rapper MC Eiht of Comptons Most Wanted. This track was actually done a while ago but me & K-Steel decided to finally put it out.

Me & K- Steel are currently working on the next group project entitled “Unsolved G’z” along with our solo projects ” Kolor Koordinated” & “Steel Thuggin” respectively. Lastly, we want our fans to tune into Pandora Radio 📻 & listen to THUG MAFIA Radio. Our fans know our tracks, Gfunk Ova Crunk, Midnite Creep etc.”

You can listen to the album on the main digital platforms including Spotify, or cop the double CD by hitting ’em at their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Brand New: Mista L feat. MC Eiht & OG Domino – Next Big Thing (Single)

We are real stocked to announce the 1st single from the upcoming solo album by Mista L – the song features the two legendary rappers: MC Eiht outta Compton, CA and OG Domino outta Long Beach, CA, and produced by one of the dopest contemporary music producers – C-Fly

This single is available on all the main digital and streaming platforms ⬇️

DJ K.I.P. – I Don’t Sell Beatzz (2018)

We know some of you have been already waiting for these hardcopies to drop, so here you go, DJ K.I.P. finally released his long-awaited album “I Don’t Sell Beatzz” in Double CD format, limited edition of 500 copies / digipaks. Being a Double CD album, it contains 24 songs: 13 new tracks + new remixes & special bonus tracks. DJ K.I.P. worked on this album from 2015 to December 2016, and definitely put all his soul and heart in it, his “dream of life time career”. Released on DJ K.I.P.’s own Invizzible Music Label, the album was awarded by Akademia Music Awards as Best Rap / Hip Hop album July 2017. This album includes the most respectful and best selling JP artists, it was produced by targeting Japanese market. The CD’s artwork was designed by 8 Haters and the hardcopies were manufactured in E.U. and will be shipped by DJ K.I.P. himself from Slovakia to you.


It has to be mentioned that track “Ride With Us” was recorded during “G-Funk Nite 2” even in Kosice (Slovakia), as well as “LA Story” by KOG & Raaso Rax.

You can preview to the whole album & grab your Double CD hardcopy @ CDJAPAN ONLINE SHOP, with digital album is officially available on many digital platforms.

DJ K.I.P. – I Don’t Sell Beatzz /music video/

MC Eiht ‎– Which Way Iz West (June 30th, 2017)

It’s really hard to tell it better then Rodney Carmichael did in his write-up on this album (where you can also listen to all the tracks online), we still could not afford to overlook and not highlight it in our news blog. Being it a soooo long awaited album, Which Way Iz West (that we knew for years it was worked on and just pushed back all the time) but now our dreams have proven to come true and we are finally confirmed that MC Eiht finally drops this album, making it his first full-length solo album in a decade. Executively-produced by himself & DJ Premier, this album was predominantly produced by Eiht’s long-time partner, Brenk Sinatra (a producer from Austria with whom they released Keep It Hood EP before) while 3 tracks out of 15 were still produced by DJ Premier. The album features CMW, Kurupt, WC, Lady of Rage, B-Real, Xzibit, MayLAy, Bumpy Knuckles, Big Mike, The Outlawz & DJ Premier himself.

This album is released in both CD (pre-orders are open) & Vinyl (will be announced soon) formats  and available for ordering exclusively @ PREMIERWUZHERE Webshop (which has been referred to by DJ Premier on his Facebook page as “the only place you can get the cd or vinyl around the world”).

E3, Big2DaBoy, Collarossi ‎– West Coast Drive Thru (2016)

R-8923131-1471546403-1475.jpegHere we’re back up and running after the summer vacations, and would like to hit up with a real dope album which in the meantime got released on Top Shelf WreckordsE3 aka Baby Eazy E, Big2DaBoy, Collarossi ‎– West Coast Drive Thru. It features guest appearances by MC Eiht, L.V., Big Pokey, Tha Hooksta, Da Unda Dogg & produced by Cartelsons, Laidback, June James, Tone Saucy & DJ Young Sam.


The album is dope all the way thru with dope lyrics and productions which will be appreciated by any G-Funk / West-Coast rap fans. We’d like to mention “Grind N’ Shine” song featuring Big Pokey with a good old southern feel to it, paying homage to Pimp C of UGK and DJ Screw.

All in all, having different producers and a pretty good number of guest appearances, this album is listened to as a whole and highly recommended by us.

It was released in CD format and ya’ll can cop it @ Official Collarossi Online Store