Boomer ‎– The Remedy Yard EP (2016)

Boomer aka Boomerdidit is a rapper and music producer out of Compton, CA dropped The Remedy Yard EP CD on 11 September 2016, right on his birthday. However, I have just recently come across this EP and was really impressed how good and mature it was. Those who don’t know, Boomer is a son of K.K. of the legendary duo 2nd II None. Having such a famous father, Boomer has been doing music mostly on his own, struggling his way in the independent music game. In 2012, he released “Boombox” Special Edition CD which was a pretty successful and solid debut release for him and it was released/distributed by Cycadelic Records. Now, after 4 years break Boomer releases his EP and it’s even more mature work which I really recommend to check out especially if you liked his debut album and Casanova “1992” album which was predominantly produced by Boomer. It’s worth to point out that both his albums were entirely produced by Boomber himself and he did the real good job on the production.

Ya’ll can cop both Boomer’s CD’s at BOOMERDIDIT ONLINE SHOP as well as some nice merchandise like t-shirts and snapback.

Enois Scroggins – Real-E (2017) Prod. by The Touch Funk

While having more projects in the works, the French label, Diggy Down Recordz, is dropping the much anticipated album by the International Funk legend from Tulsa, Oklahoma – Enois Scroggins. This time, accompanied by his long time partners, The Touch Funk, the producers’ group from France, currently comprising of Djay Ness D & Goz. They should have known each so well so it seems like all this collabo album came out naturally, with Enois singing perfectly fit on The Touch Funk – produced music.

No need to wring long and use some complicated words and sentences about this amazing album but to listen to its trailer below and we’re pretty much positive that all the funk heads find something for themselves so it will help persuade ya’ll to buy the album & add to your collection.

The album is available for Pre-Order thru DIGGY DOWN RECORDZ WEBSITE as well as the stylish merchandise (snapbacks and t-shirts). The official release date is 15th March 2017, however, the CD’s are already in stock & ready to ship soon so there’s no need to wait for the release to place your order!