Boomer ‎– The Remedy Yard EP (2016)

Boomer aka Boomerdidit is a rapper and music producer out of Compton, CA dropped The Remedy Yard EP CD on 11 September 2016, right on his birthday. However, I have just recently come across this EP and was really impressed how good and mature it was. Those who don’t know, Boomer is a son of K.K. of the legendary duo 2nd II None. Having such a famous father, Boomer has been doing music mostly on his own, struggling his way in the independent music game. In 2012, he released “Boombox” Special Edition CD which was a pretty successful and solid debut release for… Continue reading

Enois Scroggins – Real-E (2017) Prod. by The Touch Funk

While having more projects in the works, the French label, Diggy Down Recordz, is dropping the much anticipated album by the International Funk legend from Tulsa, Oklahoma – Enois Scroggins. This time, accompanied by his long time partners, The Touch Funk, the producers’ group from France, currently comprising of Djay Ness D & Goz. They should have known each so well so it seems like all this collabo album came out naturally, with Enois singing perfectly fit on The Touch Funk – produced music. No need to wring long and use some complicated words and sentences about this amazing album but to listen to… Continue reading