Pup Dog Records catalog reissued by IITight Music

Mastering by Ivan Makvel
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Also, the t-shirts with Pup Dog Records logos are available in 2 colors (black and white) at the price $35 ea.
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G-Luv 2 Classik Selections by IITight Music (Japan)

II Tight Music has recently announced 🆕 6 CD releases outta MidWest as part of G-Luv 2 Classik Selections:
Playa “B” & The Midwest Click – My Life My Time (1997 Unreleased Album) Indiana: https://www.discogs.com/release/20011312
Playa “B” & The Midwest Click – Small World Maxi-Single (1997) Indiana: https://www.discogs.com/release/20012827
Playa “B” & The Midwest Click – Indiana Love EP (1997): https://www.discogs.com/release/20012941
Midwest Mayhem compilation (1997) Indiana: https://www.discogs.com/release/20012743
Stuck In Da’ Middle Vol. 1: The STL Compilation (1997) St. Louis, MO: https://www.discogs.com/release/20011564
Stuck In Da Middle Vol. 2 (1999-2000) St. Louis, MO: https://www.discogs.com/release/20012338
Price per unit is USD 33.00 + $8.00 shipping (1CD).
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Brand New: Mista L feat. MC Eiht & OG Domino – Next Big Thing (Single)

We are real stocked to announce the 1st single from the upcoming solo album by Mista L – the song features the two legendary rappers: MC Eiht outta Compton, CA and OG Domino outta Long Beach, CA, and produced by one of the dopest contemporary music producers – C-Fly

This single is available on all the main digital and streaming platforms ⬇️ https://fanlink.to/nextbig

RTN – 2020 (2021)

May the title of this release do not fool you, the EP is fresh out in 2021.

If you remember, RTN dropped his FUNKTION in 2019 which established him as a great g-funk producer. Here’s what he’s been doing since, not to mention all the collaborations that came out. 2020 is an instrumental album, which shows the genius of the producer, all songs were produced and recorded in 2020, that’s where the title coming from. A beautiful, chill-out fusion mix of styles presented. No one is doing it as he does, he got his own unique sound and style. You can check the trailer below and decide for yourself:

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t tell you that the CDs are selling out as well!! It is a very limited press of 200 copies which are already in low stock, so hurry up. As usual, no bullshit CD-R’s, only real Replica.

You can order the CD by writing to 2020rtn@gmail.com

For all digital and streaming lovers, here the link for you.

Mista L – The Clock Is Ticking EP

Right on the 10th Anniversary of G-Funk.WS which was yesterday 26th October 2020, on this notable day we dropped Mista L – The Clock Is Ticking EP, totally produced by RTN while his homies Sligh Talkbox, 7ow-7ife, 40 Macaframa joined forces with Mista L on some tracks. 


01 – Voices In My Head (feat. Sligh Talkbox)

02 – We From The B.St. (feat. 7ow-7ife)

03 – Still (feat. 7ow-7ife)

04 – Dreamer

05 – Game Over

06 – The Clock Is Ticking (feat. 40 Macaframa)

The EP is available on all major sreaming platforms @ https://fanlink.to/TheClockIsTicking

Brand new CD releases on Dust & Dope Recordings

The Mischievous LQ & The Mad Mischief Crew – Nonsense: The Madd Sessions (1995-1998)” CD (2020, DDR006, Dust & Dope Recordings)

Featuring The Mischievous LQ aka T9, Skip Diesel, Mr Chill, Da Phantom, Vaughan Rowe Vero, Ra Dodge & AK Southpaw
Produced By Omar Kale
Limited Edition CD


02-Mischief Night
04-Battery Strategy
05-Live By The Dollar
06-Shotgun (Remix)
07-Wilmingtons Worst
09-Hip Hop Recarnation
10-Boyah Bumbaclot
11-It’s Like That (Bonus Track)
12-Live Again (Bonus Track)

Previously only available on limited promotional cd on King Poet Records
Tracks 1-10 have been remastered courtesy of Dope Folks Records. We have also included 2 bonus tracks (11 & 12), sourced from the original CD.
Packaged with artwork for the very first time ever!

The Bomb Shelta Association – Rebirth 20 Years Later CD (2020, DDR007, Dust & Dope Recordings)

Featuring: Shylow, FEAR, Silent, Pillosnatchaz, Tekniq, Expertise, Protocol, Melicious D Emperor, Tyranny and GYNX.
Produced by: DJ Who Else, Shylow, Melicious D Emperor, FEAR & Tekniq
Limited Edition CD


03-Pillosnatchaz-Neva Rest
04-Silent Pro-File
06-FEAR-Eye Kill Suckerzz
07-Pillosnatchaz-Lost Artic
11-Tyranny-Joke’s On You
12-Melicious D Emperor-Fuck Em All
13-FEAR Ft. Shylow-The Unholy
14-Shylow-More Than Life
15-Pillosnatchaz Ft. Tyranny-3D Emcees
17-BSA-7 Deadly Ciphers

Previously only available on limited cassette tape on Disturbed Minds Entertainment.

Sourced from the original masters, Rebirth 20 Years Later has been revisited and remastered by the Shelta’s frontman Shylow, sequenced to fit a 74 minute compact disc, including 18 original selections from the OG tape. 

Make sure to cop these Limited Edition CD’s at OFFICIAL DUST & DOPE RECORDINGS WEBSHOP shipped worldwide from UK.