Brand new CD releases on Dust & Dope Recordings

The Mischievous LQ & The Mad Mischief Crew – Nonsense: The Madd Sessions (1995-1998)” CD (2020, DDR006, Dust & Dope Recordings)

Featuring The Mischievous LQ aka T9, Skip Diesel, Mr Chill, Da Phantom, Vaughan Rowe Vero, Ra Dodge & AK Southpaw
Produced By Omar Kale
Limited Edition CD


02-Mischief Night
04-Battery Strategy
05-Live By The Dollar
06-Shotgun (Remix)
07-Wilmingtons Worst
09-Hip Hop Recarnation
10-Boyah Bumbaclot
11-It’s Like That (Bonus Track)
12-Live Again (Bonus Track)

Previously only available on limited promotional cd on King Poet Records
Tracks 1-10 have been remastered courtesy of Dope Folks Records. We have also included 2 bonus tracks (11 & 12), sourced from the original CD.
Packaged with artwork for the very first time ever!

The Bomb Shelta Association – Rebirth 20 Years Later CD (2020, DDR007, Dust & Dope Recordings)

Featuring: Shylow, FEAR, Silent, Pillosnatchaz, Tekniq, Expertise, Protocol, Melicious D Emperor, Tyranny and GYNX.
Produced by: DJ Who Else, Shylow, Melicious D Emperor, FEAR & Tekniq
Limited Edition CD


03-Pillosnatchaz-Neva Rest
04-Silent Pro-File
06-FEAR-Eye Kill Suckerzz
07-Pillosnatchaz-Lost Artic
11-Tyranny-Joke’s On You
12-Melicious D Emperor-Fuck Em All
13-FEAR Ft. Shylow-The Unholy
14-Shylow-More Than Life
15-Pillosnatchaz Ft. Tyranny-3D Emcees
17-BSA-7 Deadly Ciphers

Previously only available on limited cassette tape on Disturbed Minds Entertainment.

Sourced from the original masters, Rebirth 20 Years Later has been revisited and remastered by the Shelta’s frontman Shylow, sequenced to fit a 74 minute compact disc, including 18 original selections from the OG tape. 

Make sure to cop these Limited Edition CD’s at OFFICIAL DUST & DOPE RECORDINGS WEBSHOP shipped worldwide from UK.

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